You Need This One Superpower in Your Business Today! | Small Business Advice

Release Date:
June 23, 2023

In this insightful small business advice video, Joey Thomas, entrepreneur and small business educator from 17hats, reveals the one superpower you need to develop for your business today - active listening. Joey emphasizes that better communication leads to better results and explains how active listening can be the greatest asset to grow your business. He shares three valuable tips: 1. Navigating challenges: By actively listening to your clients, you can catch small problems early on, create more opportunities to connect, and reduce anxiety, resulting in fewer issues down the line. 2. The 80/20 rule in sales: Spend 80% of your time listening actively to understand your clients' pain points and concerns. Then, use the remaining 20% to connect your product or service as a solution to their specific needs. 3. Showcasing a listening culture: Ask for feedback from your clients at various stages of their journey and implement the changes they suggest. By making clients feel heard and valued, trust and loyalty are fostered. Watch this video to discover how active listening can transform your business and help you provide exceptional client experiences. Don't forget to subscribe to the 17hats channel for more valuable small business tips! #smallbusiness #businesstips #communicationskills #businessgrowth #17hats