Six Tips to Recharge Your Business [Part One]

Release Date:
March 2, 2022

PART ONE: As we go through the daily grind, as we wake up in the morning and we have our giant to-do lists, and day, after day, after day, we do the same thing. And before you know it, days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. So, things start to feel a little stagnant. You haven't made the progress that you're hoping that you could have made or should've made, and you're feeling a little restless. Now, we all go through that. In today's video, I want to go over six simple steps to recharge your small business, and we're going to do this in two parts. Part One Tips: 00:50 Declutter Your Business and Life. 03:54 Organize Your Calendar. 07:55 Brainstorm Your Business Goals.