Rediscover Your Why [Solo Business Owner Education]

Release Date:
April 11, 2022

Joey Thomas with 17hats reveals the importance of remembering why we started our business in the first place. It's important to keep the motivation moving and have goals to continue to reach. Maybe you're going from a side gig to a full-time business, or maybe you've been in a business a few years and need to make some changes that can help propel you closer to your goals. No matter the reason, it's really important for us to rediscover our why. 01:19 Ask yourself what are your most fulfilling moments in business so far? 02:04 Identify and reevaluate your strengths as a business owner. 03:36 Identify your greatest challenges. 04:59 Ask yourself why you chose to start your business? 06:00 Ask yourself what type of impact have I made through my business? 08:17 Reconnecting to your business and moving forward.