Part 2 - ASK These Questions For a Great Discovery Call | Small Business Advice

Release Date:
June 21, 2023

In this video Joey Thomas, entrepreneur and small business educator at 17hats, delves into specific questions to ask during a discovery call. Building upon the importance discussed in part one, Joey emphasizes the value of open-ended questions to understand the client's goals, pain points, roadblocks, and the stakes involved. He highlights the significance of identifying decision-makers and inquiring about past experiences with photographers. Additionally, Joey suggests addressing financial fit and clarifying any questions or concerns the client may have. The video concludes with the importance of a call to action, encouraging viewers to book a session or schedule an in-person consultation. Watch this video to enhance your discovery call skills and improve client interactions. Don't forget to subscribe to the 17hats channel and turn on notifications for more valuable content. #discoverycall #clientinteractions #smallbusinessadvice #businesstips #17hats