Part 1 - Use These Tips For a Great Discovery Call | Small Business Advice

Release Date:
June 20, 2023

Joey Thomas, entrepreneur and small business educator at 17hats, dives into the importance of discovery calls and how to make the most of them. Discovery calls are the initial conversations with potential clients where both sides evaluate compatibility and understand the value of the solution offered. Joey shares five valuable tips to enhance discovery calls, starting with sending a questionnaire beforehand to gain insights about the prospect. He emphasizes the use of open-ended questions to uncover pain points and encourages active listening. Repeating and validating the prospect's concerns demonstrates empathy and understanding. Joey suggests sharing success stories and testimonials to instill confidence in the prospect and concludes by stressing the significance of a strong call to action to move the client relationship forward. Stay tuned for part two where Joey will discuss specific questions to ask during discovery calls. Don't forget to like, subscribe to the 17hats channel, and enable notifications for upcoming videos. #discoverycall #clientrelationships #smallbusinesstips #communicationskills #businessgrowth #17hats