How Do I Maintain Momentum in My Business | Small Business Advice

Release Date:
June 8, 2023

Joey Thomas, entrepreneur and small business educator, shares valuable advice on how to maintain momentum in your business. Whether you're in your first year or fifth year of business, Joey provides practical tips to keep your motivation high and your business moving forward. Joey stresses the importance of having a plan, setting revenue targets, creating a marketing plan, and outlining growth milestones. He encourages viewing setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning, leveraging your strengths to push boundaries, and letting go of underperforming products or services. Joey also emphasizes the significance of celebrating wins along the journey. Watch this video to discover practical strategies that will help you maintain momentum in your small business. Don't forget to subscribe, like, and turn on notifications for more valuable content from 17hats. Let's ignite your business momentum and keep it going strong! #smallbusiness #businesstips #businessmomentum #businessgrowth #17hats