Efficient use of Custom Fields

As business owners, we try to remember all the details until eventually we cram our brains so full that all the wheels start to fall off. We find ourselves constantly forgetting details, having to stop and think, mixing up information, and in a state of stress. All because we have important details strung out from one end of our brains to the other. If that sounds just a little like your life, we need to make some changes. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to constantly worry that you are forgetting something, or stress over details? If you could just click a button, and all the information you need would be at your fingertips? Take a breather, and watch our workshop, “Efficient Organization and Personalized Automation” as we dive into Custom Fields. Right now, only 3% of members are using this very powerful feature. (Just 3% for this powerful feature is crazy!) Take advantage of our workshop because by mastering your Contact and Project Custom Fields, your O&A (organization and automation) game will be next level. That will free you up from having to remember each and every detail!