17hats Tutorial: How to change the Calendar view

Do you run your day from your calendar? You aren't alone! 17hats allows you to have multiple calendars inside the platform - we recommend having at least four calendars: One for leads, one for booked clients, one for to-dos, and one for your personal life. 17hats allows you to name and color-code your calendars. So you can look at your calendar and instantly see whether an appointment is for a lead or a client, for example. If you assign a date to your tasks, they will also appear on your calendar. That means your calendar can fill up pretty quickly. But 17hats lets you customize what you are looking at on your calendar view! You can: Look at one day at a time, one week at a time, or the entire month at the time. You can also choose to look at only one calendar at a time. So, for example, if you only want to see your tasks and not your appointments, you can do that! You can also easily toggle forward a month or back a month, letting you plan further into the future. Being able to filter the amount of time you're seeing or the types of events and tasks you're seeing will help you be more productive while running your business and planning your day!