What you'll learn

Webinar Schedule

Thursdays at 11:00 a.m. PST / 2:00 p.m. EST
Now thru May 25, 2023
Week One: Defining Your Business Goals & Objectives
Understand the importance of defining clear and measurable business goals and objectives. Learn how to track your progress, focus your efforts, and achieve success.

Discover how to prioritize and allocate resources to achieve your goals.
Week Two: Branding Your Small Business
Learn how to develop a brand strategy that includes your brand purpose, personality and visual identity. We'll explore different branding elements, such as your business name, logo, tagline, and messaging and how to create them effectively.
Week Three: Mapping Your Client Journey
We'll identify and explore the key touch points or interactions that your customers will have with your business. Then we'll develop content for each stage so that you can streamline your client experience.
Week Four: Crafting An Exceptional Client Experience
We'll take what we learned from the first few weeks and apply it to this webinar lesson. Learn how to focus on personalization to provided a tailored experience to your clients. We'll explore how to communicate effectively with your clients to ensure a positive experience, and we'll talk about the importance of providing excellent service.
Week Five: Marketing Strategies for Small Business Owners
Understand the difference between marketing and advertising and how to define a marketing strategy that makes sense for your business.
Week Six: Maximizing Social Media For Business Growth
Learn how to develop a social media strategy that aligns with your brand, your target audience, and business goals. We'll explore different social media platforms and how to create engaging and shareable social media content.
Week Seven: Nurturing and Converting Leads
Learn different lead conversion tactics and how to utilize email marketing, content marketing, and personalized communications to convert more leads.

We'll discover how to use a CRM (Customer relationship Management software) to track and manage leads.
Week Eight: Sales Techniques for Small Business Owners
Understand the fundamentals of selling, building rapport, identifying needs, overcoming objections, and closing the sale. We'll talk about developing a sales technique that is authentic and works for your business.
Week Nine: Mastering Your Mindset
Everyone needs motivation when running a small business. Joey will give you several tips to focus on your progress and keep driving to success.
Week Ten: Building and Nurturing Your Referral Network
Who brings you business? Where can you pick up more business? We'll teach you the power of referrals for small business owners and how many opportunities can be right in your own backyard. Explore different strategies to nurture your referral network over time, generate more leads, and close more sales.
Meet your instructor

Joey Thomas

Joey Thomas is a renowned entrepreneur, business coach, photographer, speaker, and educator. As co-owner and CEO of Serendipity Albums, and the sole owner of Joey T Photography and Mastercrafted Coaching, he has achieved national recognition and multiple significant milestones in various fields.

His expertise in Psychology, complemented by his extensive experience in corporate training and development, affords him a unique understanding of sales and business strategy. Joey currently teaches business education for 17hats, delivers multiple international business masterclasses, and contributes to a range of publications, webinars, and business platforms.

Amidst his many professional pursuits, Joey balances his role as a father of two while managing multiple thriving brands.

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